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Wide Bodied Coldstores VS Standard Containers

Wide Bodied Coldstores VS Standard Containers

Selecting the right cold storage option for your business is essential for operational efficiency and production integrity. Businesses working with perishable goods must ensure that the solution they opt for fully meets their needs. Choosing the wrong solution can result in wasted stock, ineffective storage, and escalating costs, so getting it right the first time is important.

One of the critical choices for cold storage solutions is between wide-bodied coldstores and standard containers.

What are the differences between coldstores and containers, and why are wide-bodied coldstores often considered the optimal choice?

Spatial Capacity

One of the key differences between coldstore solutions and their standard container counterparts is spatial capacity. Wide-bodied coldstores provide a generous 3.5 metres in width, compared to the 2.2 metres provided by standard containers. This extra width means enhanced storage capabilities, accommodating greater volumes of goods.

Enhanced Safety 

Wide-bodied coldstores will typically include a range of features that optimise the safety and functionality of the unit. These provide added protection for storing goods and people working with the unit. A non-slip resin floor ensures secure footing, an essential element that reduces the risk of accidents in environments where the temperature is being regulated. Internal lighting enhances visibility, aiding inventory management and making it easier to retrieve goods even in low-light conditions. 

Coldstores are equipped with emergency door release mechanisms that enable employees to swiftly and safely exit if they are inadvertently trapped within the unit. This mitigates potential hazards and improves site safety.

Improved Functionality

Wide-bodied coldstores provide enhanced access, particularly when compared with standard containers. With doors boasting a width of 1.8 metres, they provide ample clearance, making it easy to move goods in and out of the store. This can help streamline operations, ensuring smooth and fluent access to cold storage as required.

Coldstores also have superior insulation, delivering better thermal efficiency. Our coldstore units offer 100mm of insulation providing robust protection against temperature fluctuations. This ensures that perishable goods remain at the optimal temperature throughout their storage. Better insulation also contributes to energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Coldstores are adaptable, can be used with efficient inventory management, and are compatible with centre-picking aisles. This adaptability allows businesses to maximise space while maintaining accessibility to stored goods. 

Coldstores are a more practical, efficient, and ultimately cost-effective solution for any business looking for reliable cold storage.

Coldstore Solutions from Refrigerated Sales

At Refrigerated Sales, we work with companies across a range of industries, including catering, transportation, and logistics, to provide the high-quality cold storage solutions they need.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the units we sell, and our experienced team is always on hand to answer any questions.

Contact us to find out more about affordable, high-quality storage solutions. 

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Wide Bodied Coldstores VS Standard Containers

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