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Transform Your Space with Our Modular Complexes!

Transform Your Space with Our Modular Complexes!

Did you know our units can be linked together to create a modular complex? Our Modular Complexes provide you with the ability to combine single units to form complexes of connected multiple cold stores. By joining units together, our complexes offer expansion on a larger scale in a way that remains flexible.

Our units can also be linked into buildings, used inside existing buildings or they can form a completely separate outdoor facility; all built to your requirement, improving your process flow and operational efficiency!

Our Modular Complexes are an ideal, flexible solution that are made to become a fundamental part of your chill chain and business operations. The best part…they can be installed and set up with ease, meaning there is little, or no disruption to your business.

Our Modular Complexes can be constructed using our 20ft and 40ft Cold Stores, with a temperature range of -40°c up to +45°c. All of our complexes come with the standard features of our single cold store range.

If you’re looking to expand on a larger scale, our Modular Complexes can provide you with a quick and flexible solution!

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Transform Your Space with Our Modular Complexes!

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