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Jaggards Transport

Jaggards Transport Ltd is a well-established transport company based near Bury St Edmunds, founded in 2012. With customer service at the heart of their company, they strive to deliver their contracts in the most efficient manner.

New Business

Jaggards contacted Refrigerated Sales after entering a new market, frozen food, and needed the extra storage due to demand. Within two hours, Refrigerated Sales had a contract drawn up and sent over for a 10 pallet Coldstore. Jaggards signed a rent-to-buy contract, allowing them to trial the unit with no obligation to buy at the end of the contract. If the unit fulfils the company’s expectations, the cost of the rental term is then deducted from the purchase price. This type of flexible contract is to ensure customers are completely happy with the units provided; showcasing to them that honesty, quality and reliability is at the forefront of Refrigerated Sales’ ethos.

“I was extremely impressed with the speed of the whole project including the Coldstore, from quotation to delivery” Lee Coddington, Director of Jaggards began, “Chris Allen, Fleet Sales Manager,  came straight back to me with the quote and was upfront with me throughout”.

Chris Allen commented “Lee was the perfect customer to work with, he wanted the project to be efficient and quick and we delivered to his expectations”.

Refrigerated Sales continually strive to provide only the best service and equipment for our customers through a variety of financial packages that is tailored to their business.

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Jaggards Transport

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