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Our range of Blast Freezers and Chillers

Our range of Blast Freezers and Chillers

Our large commercial cold storage freezers and chillers can freeze or chill large quantities of goods quickly. Using a unique combination of high-power compressors and high-speed fans our units use directed air flow to ensure rapid cooling. Companies within the food industry use a blast unit to cool or freeze products rapidly, this helps to preserve taste, appearance and quality. Blast freezing can lock in all essential nutrients found in foods such as meats or fish.

Our range of blast freezers and blast chiller units for sale include a variety of sizes to suit your business and industry. Our current online offering includes:

-11m2 Blast Freezer. The 11m2 Blast Freezer is one of the smaller units we provide. It can be easily set up on site, powered by a 63amp power supply, 3 phases. When purchasing this blast chiller unit, it will come with our standard with a 6-month warranty.

-34m2 Blast Freezer. The 34m2 Blast Freezer unit can be situated both inside and outside your facility. We aim to provide you with the operational flexibility you desire. With standard safety features which include personnel trapped alarm, emergency door release and emergency lighting.

-39m2 Blast Freezer. The 39m2 Blast Freezer uses high speed fans and directed airflow to control the cooling and freezing process. The 39m2 Blast Freezer unit can be easily set up on site, powered by a 160amp power supply.

If you would like to learn more about the blast freezers for sale and blast chillers for sale on our website, please visit the product pages or contact our team for further information on 01623 518538. Why not ask the team about our blast calculation service? This give you an estimate on how long it takes to chill or freeze your product.


Our range of Blast Freezers and Chillers

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