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Modular Complexes

When your business requires more square footage and you need more space within your business, a modular complex is a great quick fix.

We offer a storage solution to fit your desired requirements, whether you would like a streamline process flow or an increase in operational efficiency we ensure you not only receive the perfect solution for your business but also the highest level of service to go with it.

Modular complexes provide a quick and flexible solution to most trades. Our wide-bodied units, when linked together, can be a huge benefit to your business and are easily installed on to your site.

Our complexes can be easily linked onto buildings improving your process flow and operational efficiency. All of our modular complexes are entirely waterproof and are ideal for sitting outside or can even be placed inside an existing building if preferred.

For our customers wanting expansion on a larger scale, we can provide the perfect, flexible solution for you and your company. They are formed by connecting two or more units together by removing one or both walls from an existing unit. However, a small aperture can be cut in each unit, depending on the size and shape of your desired complex.

All of our section modular complexes are made with durable, high quality materials that meet all of your expectations. Due to their modular design, units can be added to the complex at a later date, should further expansion be required.

For more information about our modular complexes or any of our other services, feel free to browse the rest of our website or alternatively call us on 01623 518538.



Modular Complexes

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