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cold storage container, modular refrigerated containers, temperature controlled containers
refrigerated meat rail containers, refrigerated container, temperature controlled containers

Our Polar°store™ Meat Rail is a regular cold store fitted
with meat rails designed to hook meat carcasses onto.
They have a temperature range of -40°C to +45°C
and can be used for chilling, freezing, blast freezing or
thawing meats. Reliable, cost effective and sustainable
cold storage and available in 20ft & 40ft High Cube
sizes, for hire or purchase globally.
Our units use the latest refrigeration technology to
maintain the chosen temperature 24/7 in ambient
temperatures up to +50°C. Along with our on hire
service and maintenance packages, our units also
have 5 year warranties, giving you peace of mind
knowing your product is stored correctly.

Standard features
• Up to 200 hooks (6 tonnes of product)
• All our units are High Cube (9ft6”, 2.9m)
• Easy open double doors with 70/30 split
• Internal release & lockable door handle
• Flat floor with 4 drain hole
• LED internal lighting
• Sliding strip curtain
• Door cut out switch
• Audio & visual person trapped alarm
• Audio & visual mains failure alarm
• Semi-permanent loading ramp
• Plug and play
(18m cable, 5 pin plug, 440v, 3ph, earth & neutral)
• -40°C to +45°C

In stock now & available

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