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Try-to-Buy Scheme

Having been in the temperature control industry for many years, Refrigerated Sales know first-hand the importance of a fair and honest service. With this in mind, they have introduced a try-to-buy scheme on all of their refurbished Coldstores and Blast Freezers which gives customers a no obligations rental trial period.

“With this scheme it’s all about fairness and transparency”, commented Chris Allen, Fleet Sales Manager at Refrigerated Sales, “we don’t want to supply something that a customer is not 100% happy with, using this scheme they can make sure the solution we provide works in line with their operations, and if it doesn’t, they simply return the unit upon expiry of the trial period”.

The scheme offers an alternative to outright purchasing and provides additional flexibility for the client. Tailor-made to suit each specific customer, a rental term of 26 weeks at an agreed weekly fee is set up. When the 26 week trial period has been completed, several options are available. These are:

  • Purchase the unit, with the total rental amount paid to date deducted from the purchase price.
  • Continue to rent the unit at the same agreed weekly fee.
  • Return the unit.


A unit with an outright purchase cost of £25,000 on a try-to-buy scheme of £200 per week for 26 weeks.

At the end of the 26 week trial period, £5,200 of rental fees would have been paid. At this point, the purchase price would be reduced to £19,800. Alternatively, the rental term can continue at £200 per week; however the purchase price does not reduce further. The final option is to return the unit.

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Try-to-Buy Scheme

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