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Blast Chillers & Freezers

Our Blast Units support a wide range of industries including the Food, Research & Development and the Environmental sector.

Our units aim to improve your process flow through a flexible solution that offers quick and easy expansion to your operations. This is all in aid to help your business deal with growth, increased demand or even new production lines. Furthermore, it will allow your company to take control of your production by bringing blasting on to your premises, streamlining your operations.

Here at Refrigerated Sales, our units come in a variety of different sizes and specifications from 11m2 to 38m2, ensuring your requirements are met, whatever they may be.

All of our units come standard with a 6 month warranty, as we have the upmost confidence in our Blast Freezers, ensuring only the best quality is provided.

Our units can be placed internally or externally. They are fully weatherproof which makes them ideal for siting outside and then linking into an existing building or loading dock, improving your process flow and operational efficiency. We can also offer you a blast calculation which will give you an estimate on how long it takes to chill/freeze your product.


39m2 Blast Freezer

The 39m2 Blast unit can be situated both inside…


34m2 Blast Freezer

The 34m2 Blast unit can be situated both inside and…


11m2 Blast Freezer

The 11m2 unit is one of the smaller Blasts…


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